$AIX Token Set To Launch On MEXC as $AIGENTX On March 26th, 2024

Singapore, 27th Mar 2024, Grand Newswire - AIgentX, a revolutionary AI crypto project, is pleased to announce the forthcoming listing of its thriving token, $AIX, on MEXC on March 26, 2024,  at 3 PM UTC. The ticker with which $AIX is lauching on MEXC is $AIGENTX. AigentX is an industry leader in Web3 technologies that provides cutting-edge products designed to optimize user interactions in the dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

$AIX Token Set To Launch On MEXC as $AIGENTX On March 26th, 2024

"Our launch on MEXC marks a significant milestone for AIgentX, solidifying our position as a leader in building a world class AI services" said Vadim Slobodianiuk, CEO of AIgentX. “With $AIX at the forefront, we are excited to usher in a new era of seamless interaction and unparalleled support within the crypto community.”

$AIX functions as the native token of AIgentX, providing investment opportunities, including staking  and facilitating payments for AI assistant services. With daily trading volume exceeding 1,00,000 on Uniswap, $AIX has a market capitalization of over 700 million $, with more than $2.55M  dollars of liquidity securely locked. Staking pool at the time of writing is $11 464 012

Vladislav Martynov, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor deeply engaged with pioneering AI and Web3 initiatives, is part of AIgentX team and is deeply amazed with what AIX can achieve: “My hands-on experience has afforded me a trove of insights. Potential of AI and Web3 working together is hard to overstate; my work in AIgentrX is to make sure blockchain and AI operate as single body to create great value for all.”

AigentX products are designed to simplify Web3 technology, allowing users to explore Web3 projects with help of the most sophisticated AI in the market , benefit of trading bot, and other creative applications with incredible simplicity. Using natural language processing, AigentX effectively overcomes obstacles by rendering blockchain technology simple and user-centric for a global clientele. With AIgentX users can create images, analyze contracts, create audits and much more, – all without leaving the comfort of the telegram and discord community.

The flagship product, AigentX Ai assistant, is a comprehensive AI Agents Builder and CRM system that enables businesses to create customized AI chatbots effortlessly. AI works in discord, on websites and in telegram communities. This product changes the game regarding managing relationships and interacting with customers. It has cutting-edge features like unified chat management, the option to intervene manually, and extensive analytics. 

High quality community building and support have never been easier, AIgentX, the Community Management AI Agent, redefines community engagement, ensuring vibrant and dynamic interactions through tailored communication support, automated responses, and sophisticated learning mechanisms. The AI integrates with project platforms and generates precise responses to user inquiries by leveraging data from websites and whitepapers. AIgentX eliminates the necessity for community managers or moderators by efficiently managing all duties, guaranteeing uninterrupted engagement and support. 

AIgentX exemplifies the future of customer service, sales, and crypto community administration.   The assistant provides exceptional support and engagement functionalities. AIgentX's data retrieval capabilities extend beyond project sources to encompass Coingecko, Dextools, DEX activity, and additional sources.

Another way the platform helps businesses thrive is through its Affiliate Program, which allows partners to build their network and earn commissions for referring new customers. 

To sum up, AIgentX provides unrivaled efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and engagement in crypto community management, placing it at the forefront of innovation. The project is indeed reshaping the future of cryptocurrency projects by implementing its innovative AI technology and its token listing on Mexc, scheduled for March 26, 2024.

About AIgentX

AIgentX is an innovative AI project that fundamentally transforms the domains of cryptocurrency community administration, customer service, and sales. Through its dedication to excellence and utilization of state-of-the-art technology, AIgentX provides unparalleled support and engagement solutions for cryptocurrency initiatives on a global scale.

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